At Flowergarten we do everything we can to ensure that your child's safety.

Safety elements and solutions applied within the FlowerGarten:

1. Strangers are prevented from entering the school's premises without the staff's permission. We lock our doors from the inside, and there are no handles that can be opened from outside.

2. We ask all parents to provide us with photographs of all persons authorized to collect their child. We insist on knowing the identity of persons arriving that we do not know.

3. Fire extinguishers are installed within the school. The school has its own professionally developed evacuation plan. The staff are trained continuously.

4. Electrical sockets within reach of children are equipped with childproof plugs.

5. We provide exclusively non-toxic materials for children's projects - water based glues, paints, etc.

6. Furniture in our school complies with safety standards. The sizes of our furniture are adapted to the children's sizes (each classroom has a different size of furniture). Furniture surfaces are treated and painted as required by hygienic standards.

7. All major pieces of furniture are attached to walls to prevent them from falling and causing injury.

8. Although close to a main road, the school is located in a quiet area, with the traffic in the Pod Spravedlností being negligible.

9. The gate between the large children's playground and carpark (exit to the main road) cannot be opened by children.

10. The children's area is clearly separated from the carpark for parents' vehicles.

11. The smaller playground adjacent to the school has a safety gate handle.

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Praha 5 - Zbraslav
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