Our main goal at Flowergarten is to encourage preschool aged children to learn English in a fun, natural environment using total immersion which consists of natural communication with children in the English language during the course of all activities. We encourage the children to speak English and get accustomed to hearing the language through games, songs, crafts, and our numerous clubs for the children to participate in.

Our staff consists mainly of native English speakers with some fluent, non-native English speakers who have excellent English. This daily contact with native English speakers promotes the children to learn English with the correct pronunciation and accent. The children work in small groups where the child-to-teacher ratio does not exceed 10 children per teacher allowing us to really try to focus on each child individually by supporting the strengths of each child by offering incentives.

About our classes:

Tulips - The youngest children ages 3 to 3.5 years old are in the Tulips class.  We try to encourage them to speak English and pick up on basic English words while being supportive in this big transition in  their life.

Roses - The Roses class consists of children ages 3.5 to 5 years old.  In the Roses class we try to really encourage the children to speak English throughout the day by playing various games and activities to get them involved.

Lilies - The Lilies class consists of children ages 5 to 7 years old.  This class not only focuses on teaching the children English but also prepares the children for Primary School.

We offer full and half day programs for children in English as well as private lessons and group lessons for older children and adults.

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Praha 5 - Zbraslav
Telefon: +420 776 637 470



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