Your child will need the following items before attending preschool:

* slippers
* spare T-shirt, pants, underwear, and socks (stay in your child's box)
* toothbrush, toothpaste (cup)
* diapers if needed
* pediatrician's certificate proving that your child has been inoculated by regular or individual inoculation scheme            
* photographs of persons that will be picking your child from our school

and are recommended but do not have to have the following:

* overall, T-shirt or other clothes for arts
* shoes and clothes for outdoor activities.

Fears Before Attendance

Do you feel uncertain about your child's kindergarten attendance?
Believe us that children usually bear this new experience in their lives much better than we do!
Although they may cry for a while after coming to school, they usually calm down quickly, enjoy playing with their friends, and absorb the new experience and impulses.

We would like to give a few tips based on our experience with the beginning of children's kindergarten attendance.

1. Let's make the beginning of the child's school attendance a special event in their life. Let's make the atmosphere ceremonial, let's prepare school things together. Our child will be happy to be even more significant than usual.

2. Let's not show to the child that we may be feeling uncertain about the situation. Let's be understanding, but positive - our child will feel certain. Feel free to approach the staff and management of our school with your fears and queries.

3. If your child cries when you are leaving, it is more convenient to leave and not to extend the crying period too much - this could develop into a regular morning crying ritual. The child soon gains the idea of the daily routine and the certainty of their parents coming for them again. Subsequently, they relax and start looking forward to going to school.

4. Ideally, your child should arrive by 9 o'clock every morning, together with all other children. If your child comes late, they cannot start the day slowly with their friends, talk to their mates and teachers, choose from the games and toys available.

5. Let's not urge the child to communicate everything that happened at school. Let's be patient, they sure will tell us later on spontaneously.

6. Nonetheless, let's talk! Let's discuss all those new things that are awaiting the child at school. Let's try to make the child curious, fill them with pleasant expectations, and reduce their fears.

7. Your child will feel much better if they are self-dependent to the extent corresponding to their own capacity. Let's teach them how they wash their hands, dress up with adult support, use the bathroom, eat themselves, and also ask when they are thirsty or need help.

8. The child and teachers' job in dressing up will be made easier if you sign your child's clothes and slippers and fill their box with spare underwear, T-shirt, and sports pants just in caseJ.

We are here for your child and assure you that we will do everything to make them comfortable in our school!

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